Eagle Audit offers 3 sets of anti-fraud services for businesses and condominium corporations:

eaglewatch-businessEagleWATCH is our standard service offering for all clients, and includes a general survey examination of all fraud risk and performance controls in the client’s business. We assess all vulnerabilities and deliver a checklist-based report that your team can implement. Each quarter we review progress and keep your business on the right track.

eaglescope-businessEagleSCOPE is our intensive examination and enhancement of internal controls for businesses that have high fraud risk. The disciplines we help enable in your business will significantly deter fraud committed by employees or outside perpetrators.

eagleprobe-businessEaglePROBE offers special investigative and forensic services for detailed examination of frauds in the workplace. We employ advanced technical forensics, exhaustive financial analytics, and detailed documentary tracking that together set the foundation for potential civil litigation or criminal prosecution of the suspected fraudsters.