Our Mission – Prevention, Detection and Investigation of Fraud in Condominium Corporations Across Ontario.

We help condos obtain financial recovery, restore trustworthy management, and rebuild effective board governance.

Eagle Audit's Investigative and Forensic Services for Condos

Our team deploys an array of methods and tools to uncover the facts, help your condominium corporation to recover losses, and regain trust.

Expense Records Audits

This is the core service we provide for our condominium clients — detailed review of all expense transasctions to detect red flags for potential fraud, mismanagement, or incompetence.

Contractor/Supplier Audits

We dive deep into the practices of your condo's suppliers and contractors, identifying red flags for questionable or improper business practices, and potential compromised relationships with management.

Management Evaluations

Don't renew your condo's management contract without first benefitting from Eagle Audit's deep insights into common risks condos face when dealing with property management providers.

Project Tendering

We can draw up and conduct fair and objective tendering competitions for large refurbishment projects in your condominium, with less risk of undue influence by management or board members.

IT Best Practices

We have fouind that many condo management providers and their on-site employees are woefully lax in their practices with information technology tools — Eagle Audit can assist your condo in establishing and enforcing best practices.

Advisor Evaluations

From experience we have observed that not all condo lawyers and engineers act in your corporation's best interests — we can evaluate your potential risks and offer trustworthy referrals.


Condominium corporations in Ontario that have engaged with or been assisted by Eagle Audit's investigative and consulting services since 2013


Cumulative value (not publicly disclosed) of legal claims filed or damages recovered in condominium legal matters, as based on Eagle Audit's investigative efforts


Condominium corporation for which Eagle Audit has been appointed as Inspector, reporting our investigative findings to a judge of the Ontario Superior Court


Years since Eagle Audit's founding in January 2013 as Canada's first professional consultancy dedicated to fraud prevention, detection and investigation in condos

Our Investigative Team

Eagle Audit's founder and principal professional investigator is Judy Sue CFE CPA CGA. Judy is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Chartered Professional Accountant. Her skills in financial investigations and expense forensics are unparalleled in the condominium sector. She has over 15 years of experience and knowledge of the risks faced by condo boards when confronted by questionable conduct or suspected fraud committed by property managers, contractors or condo directors. Judy is a leader in Ontario's condo sector, having served as director and treasurer on the board of the Condominium Authority of Ontario from 2020 to 2023.

Eagle Audit's Managing Director and principal technical forensics investigator is William Stratas. He has over 15 years of experience in mitigating the risks faced by condo boards when confronted by questionable conduct or suspected fraud of property managers, contractors or condo directors.

In a typical Eagle Audit engagement, allocation of our team members' time and task resources will closely follow this distribution:

Financial Investigation Forensics: 45%
Technical Investigation Forensics: 20%
Case Analysis & Client Reporting: 35%

Eagle Audit In The News

Eagle Audit has been profiled or quoted in numerous news media articles and television broadcast news segments since 2013:

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We invite you to send us a brief description of your matters of concern affecting your condominium. All correspondence remains confidential with us.

Typically, condominium board members initiate contact with Eagle Audit on behalf of their corporations. However we also welcome inquiries from individual condo owners and individual condo board members, as well as management companies, contractors, condo lawyers and other service providers in the condominium sector who may have concerns about fraud or suspected improprieties.

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